The first Saudi State

Founded in 1744 in diriyah and included large parts of the Arabian Peninsula after several battles with the Governors and some other princes and ended with the fall of the first Saudi state capital diriyah but Ottoman forces under the command of Ibrahim Pasha in 1818.
Ibrahim Muhammad Ali Pasha invaded first Saudi State and demolition of diriyah and catch the Imam Abdullah Bin Saud and sent with found Al Saud to Istanbul where they were executed there, before withdrawing from the island Arabic executed Saudi statesmen adult leaders, scholars and statesmen grown-ups back then, including the afissan, whom the Prince Abdullah bin Suleiman bin output afissan, Prince Fahd bin Suleiman bin Mfg afissan, and nephew muteb Bin Ibrahim Bin afissan. The only child left Ibn bishr on this incident: “.. I accept the Aga in Huta South named Gogh and his soldiers.

Dalam hostel country known in and kill the afissan, they are Fahd bin Suleiman bin afissan and his brother Abdullah bin Suleiman bin afissan and tired Bin Ibrahim Bin Suleiman bin afissan banishing all the vaults and their money and also killed Ali bin Abdul Wahab was killed near Duc and learn in modern, interpretation, etc. The Pasha was deported from Qassim to the city and gone with hagilan bin Hamad, Emir of Qassim and the intent of the city». Says the Commander of the invading armies, Ibrahim Mohammed Ali in his letter to the mother of the Governor of Egypt tell him about this incident like it matches the text of Ibn bishr in the execution of the afissan and hagilan relay to Medina.

And has the rank required to comply with the criminal matter and will attended and my blessings on those who tend to find corruption and Viewer and other territories or noted that they cause mesmerized, Abdullah Al-Saud princes, kabdallh Ibn afissan and his brother, Fahd, tired kicks is an example to others. After the destruction of the persons mentioned and post hagilan to the city of residence remained after those of hawali fancy him bully by Al Haramain has its territories mentioned the higher command.

ملوك الدولة

Abdullah Bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad Al Saud

Image-Abdullah_bin_Saud_FSS2 Imam Abdullah Bin Saud Al-Kabir Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the eldest son of Imam...

Saud Al-Kabeer bin Abdulaziz

220px-سعود_الكبير_بن_عبدالعزيز_بن_سعود_بن_فيصل_بن_تركي_بن_عبدالله_بن_محمد_بن_سعود Saud Al-Kabeer bin Abdulaziz bin Mohammed Al Saud, Saudi Arabia is one of the first...

Abdul Aziz ibn Muhammad Ibn Saud

220px-محمد_بن_عبد_العزيز_بن_سعود_بن_فيصل_بن_تركي_آل_سعود Imam Abdul Aziz bin Muhammad bin Saud  (d. 1803) was the second ruler of the...

Muhammad Bin Saud bin Mohammed Al-mugren

787872_288013 Imam Muhammad Bin Saud bin Mohammed Al-mugren (died in 1765). The founder of the first...


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