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Housing Minister Dr. Shaweesh dweihi to reign as custodian Salman bin Abdul Aziz in the coming period will witness a greater number of housing and development projects, with a timetable for delivery of the projects, which will unfold through percentage, indicating that the proportion of own citizens for housing will rise significantly, through projects on the ground, and lending capacity of the Ministry.
The development in Saudi Arabia going according to professional institutional perspective, the fingerprints of the late King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz on the development and housing sector specifically, manifested through rapid steps which this institution forward, trends in focus largely on follow-up to the housing sector, to increase the proportion of own citizens for housing by pumping a greater number of housing projects, noting that the past period have emerged only a few projects.
He noted that housing development going according to plans, revealing the existence of special cooperation between the Ministry of housing and the private sector on land owned, and more loans with balance control prices in the market so as to contribute to an increase in households for housing.
He said: «the last period saw the identification of eligible families to spatial level in various provinces, and during the next period will be announced at the percentage level of Saudi Arabia, in addition to the percentage of each province in particular, is expected to be on the rise more than now.
The Arabic and Islamic nation was lost with the death of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, a great leader, made great achievements in both domestic and international level, indicating that the qualitative jumps in development was a testament to his achievements and his vision for future development in all domestic or international levels, including the establishment of allegiance, and the strengthening of international relations, combating terrorism, and call for dialogue. Said: «the King Salman bin Abdulaziz personality characterized by skill, wisdom, reflected in previous accomplishments, both domestic and international, and is a man of difficult situations, the next stage will be his witness to the reliability and stability, and continuing institutional development plans studied, including the housing sector from sectors that will receive substantial support in order to serve the citizens.

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