The history of the expansion of the Haram

Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

Expansion project began during the reign of King Saud mosque in April 1375, where the space of the mosque then 28,000 m² accommodate about 50,000 worshippers. And expansion lasted about 10 years. And laying the Foundation for expansion on Thursday 23 April 5 Shaban 1375 h 1956. expansion has included several phases to include all parts of the mosque and spikes and maintenance for each part as follows:
Street was opened behind the SAFA, until the passage of people and vehicles away from the street and tiling land endeavour with cement. The two-storey building and endeavour to accommodate the largest possible number of job seekers with length inside endeavour 394.5 m and 20 m and height of the ground floor of the endeavour 12 m and 9 m upstairs.
In the year 1374 Ah created building for watering Zamzam well before the Zamzam well. and Zamzam well in the cellar.
The three-story building, cellars, ground floor and first floor, with a building area of endeavor, and ultimately, expansion, and had supplied cellar Zamzam water taps and water stream.
In the year 1375 e replaced six candelabra Ishmael peace be upon him five copper are lit by electricity.
The expansion included removing buildings on the worshippers and the way for other dish, such as Zam Zam, and door canopy built Chiba, and four places, and also included the diversion of rainwater between Mount SAFA and Ottoman building, and events areas, streets, car parks and water courses and placements for ablutions near the Masjid Al Haram in all its latest system at that time.
In 1376 Ah added escalator for the Kaaba, was coated with silver and carved in gold. In 1377 was the restoration of the Kaaba, and replacement of the roof top the old roof, and kept the lower ceiling renovated and change the damaged timber.

Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud

King Fahd Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, the cornerstone of the larger project expansion of the Grand Mosque since fourteen centuries, 2 0 1409 13 September 1988, this expansion included adding a new part to the mosque from the Western side, and to benefit from the top surface of the mosque and the square-61 thousand m 2-astaab many more worshippers for a total capacity of one million and a half million campus Chapel. As well as building new minarets lend lightness to the total number of minarets on time 9 89 metre high minarets llmazenh. The expansion included the addition of a new building to the campus, consists of three roles in addition to creating the surface receive increases in the Hajj and Umra seasons, was the ground floor area of 18,000 m 2 with a height of 4 meters, and the first floor area of 20,000 m 2 with a height of 9 meters, and the first floor loft area 189 000 m 2 with a height of 9 meters. And expansion building air-conditioning system, and established a centralized cooling station deodorization of water cooled after 450 metres in area does not affect ajyad hotel comfort and the safety of worshippers, and consists of six floors and contain the latest hardware (processing units and machines drag and pump) and associated plant expansion tunnel stretching inside pipes water withdrawal payment Qatar 1100 mm. expansion included the processing of foreign theatres, including the remaining market hand arena, arena East of endeavour by total area (85.800) M2 sufficient to accommodate (195.000) serum. And become an area of Al Haram mosque after mosque building comprehensive expansion, surface, and full squares (356) M2 and can accommodate about (773) serum on normal days, either in times of Hajj, Umrah, during Ramadan, it increases the absorption of the sanctuary to more than a million worshippers. It also has a building expansion as new input, and 18 regular input, in addition to the entrances of the Grand Mosque and President of the 3 entrances, and 27 normal input has been taken into account in design creating entrances to basement, in addition to the current four entrances. The expansion also includes building new minarets lend lightness high (89), are similar in their architecture with the minarets of the seven minarets. To facilitate the access of worshippers to the surface of the regiments expansion seasons added two escalators: one in the North Building expansion. and the other in the South. and each 375 square meters.

Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

This expansion will be implemented through three main axes, the first is the same expansion of the Haram, expanding after enlargement to 2 million worshippers, and a second external squares, which contains toilets, corridors, tunnels and other facilities that support motion flow in entry and exit to the worshippers. The third area of HVAC services, power stations and water plants and other, expandability up to 750.000 square meters, the project includes expanding theatres popcorn hand campus, starting at Bab Al-MARWAH and ends when the hot section, Indian mountain popcorn when sorties yielded hand door King Fahd. This expansion is the only proposal to establish arenas 63 Deluxe towers when most of these squares. Expansion Bowl eventually demolished the Ottoman expansion and expanding campus of three cataclysmic endeavour, where endeavour is not Haram, Haram ajyad hand expansion and ramp to campus roles become 4 roles such as new endeavour, and then take up the future roles of the total ramp 6 floors, including expansion of the Haram shehar hand to demolish the hotel and view Hotel Intercontinental standardization.
Displays current campus expansion project to a lot of criticism, where it considered the way in which the construction projects are a distortion of the city Mecca because Islamic architectural styles designed by false and “commercial exploitation of the House of God”. The project includes the construction of dozens being buildings high-rise housing luxury hotels, which contrasts, where critics of the project, the principle of equality of the Islam, where supposed to always be the pilgrimage time where everyone equally.

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