Third expansion of the Haram

Inaugurated the custodian Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud five projects within the Saudi expansion third Holy Mosque in Mecca, including building expansion, squares and tunnels, building services, and ring road I. He briefed the custodian, stereoscopic full expansion of the Grand Mosque, and images contain elements and components of the expansion project, listening to the explanation.

He described the opening of the historic expansion as suitable adhesives and Islamic historical blgaa night and good blessing of hugging in the brilliance of Orion, the embryonic nature of softened, and starred by its patron and her calumny, with an atmosphere of faith, honor and hurry her, in honor of the place and the time and place and occasion.
Dr. Al-sudais said: «this historical expansion include the total surfaces for the entire project. 470. 1 square meters and accommodate the Holy Mosque to more than 100,000. 850. 1 serum, and automatic gates project managed rooms for remote-controlled total project sections 78, ground floor surrounding a building expansion.

The project contains sophisticated systems including sound system with the total number reaching 4524 headphones headset, as well as fire alarm system and surveillance system as times total as times stands 6635 camera the entire building and hygiene systems as a dust extraction system.

He explained that the building also contains the Zam Zam water walks within the integrated system Zam Zam water cooled total walks Zam 2528 Oriel, offering premium services and places for prayer in different roles and diverse levels come adapted growing numbers of pilgrims and visitors who placement of this historic project problem hustle forever. He stressed that these historic achievements will have a positive impact on the visibility and leadership of this country is blessed and custodian Muslim their performance in disseminating good and security and moderation and peace, love, tolerance, dialogue and harmony.

The impact that custodian, by pressing the button launch the expansion of the Grand Mosque building project, which includes a major gateway consists of three sections each of the leaves of each 18 tons are run remote controls and extensibility which consists of building three roles on the flat building 000. 320 m², accommodates 300 000 serum, also launched – supported by God – theatres expansion with a 175 000 m 2 and can accommodate about 20,000. 330 serum. Launched – God – pedestrian tunnels that comprises five tunnels for pedestrians to move traffic from the campus to the area of hujoun wegrol, four of which were allocated to transport guests to the sacred House of Allaah in the fifth allocated for emergency and security tracks, the total lengths of the tunnels is about 5300 m, in addition to the central services complex and include electricity and water cooled standby generators and collection of wastes and tank fire fighting water pumps, and the first ring road project which is located within the central area, weitmd length 4600 m 2 and includes bridges and tunnels to move traffic from the region Central to the outside with three lanes in each direction.

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