Third Saudi State

On the fifth day of the month of Shawwal 1319 AH, corresponding to the fifteenth of the month of January 1902 enables King Ibn Saud of recovery Riyadh and return with his family to it in order to start a new page of the history of the Saudi state, and this historic event is Thokabarh point in the history of the area because of it it has led to the modern Saudi state was able to unify most of the Arabian Peninsula, parts, and achieve civilized achievements and wide in various fields. When King Abdul Aziz took the initiative to rebuild the Saudi state emerged the loyalty of the region and its inhabitants to the Al Saud family, which has a long history and strong roots strike deep into the ancient history of the region and talk.

Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd

State founded after the Sultanate of Nejd and accessories annexation of the Kingdom of Hejaz Balashranat of the last century under the leadership of Sultan find Abdul Aziz ibn Saud, was enthroned king of Hejaz Haram in Mecca on January 8, 1926. A year later, ie on January 29, 1927 declared himself king of the find also instead of the title of Sultan, after the Jeddah treaty between the British government and the Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd in 1927, and recognized the United Kingdom Abdul Aziz, king of the terms of the official announcement of the king of the Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd.
On September 23, 1932, was the unification of the Kingdom under a new name, which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
I managed to find the Kingdom of Hejaz and because of its close ties with the United Kingdom, from the completion of its expansion, by providing them with the English arms.
The Kingdom of Hejaz was withdrawn from the League of Nations at the request of King Abdul Aziz. In 1926, the Soviet Union, Kingdom of Hejaz admitted find, followed by the United States in 1931. In 1932 keeping both the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union, Turkey and Persia, and the Netherlands on Mvuziatha in Jeddah, while France, Italy and Egypt have kept their consular representatives unofficial.

And saw the seventh day of the tenth month of May in 1351 AH, corresponding to the nineteenth of the month of September, 1932, the issuance of a royal decree announcing the unification of the country and renamed (Saudi Arabia) from Thursday 21 May in 1351 AH / 23rd September 1932 (the first of Libra) and this announcement was crowned King Abdul Aziz’s efforts to unify the country and the establishment of a solid state based on the application of the provisions of the Koran and the Sunnah, and this announcement has been established in Saudi Arabia, which has become a great nation in its message and its achievements and regional standing and international, and then select the first of corresponding to the September 23 balance to become the National day of the Kingdom.


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