The history of the expansion of the Holy Mosque in the Saudi Prince

The first Saudi expansion
13, the first spring of the year 1372 AH, corresponding to 1952 work began expanding mosque by order of King Abdulaziz Al-Saud, and after that they bought land and demolished to prepare them for new construction, reached the mosque total area 16,326 square meters, can accommodate 28,000 worshipers, was held stone factory near the city of goals reconstruction, and the rest of the material was steamers carried to the port of Yanbu and then to the city by a large car, has reached vicious material tonnage at the port for the purposes of reconstruction more than 30,000 tons, has been completed the expansion in early 1375 H, corresponding to 1955, and the cost of this project SR 50 million Saudis, and King Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud inaugurated on 5 March the year 1375, approved in October 1955.
This expansion is a rectangular building length of 128 meters width 91 meters, was opened on the eastern side of King Abdul Aziz Gate, at the western side of King Saud door, each of which consists of three contiguous gates, while in the north, has opened three doors, door Omar and the door of Osman, and the door of Abdul Majid, and the number of columns 232 columns on top of decades of paint, and the ceiling has been divided into boxes, up 12.55 meters, dominated this architecture white restaurant with little red and black, while the minarets, has been to the mosque five minarets demolished them 3 minarets that were at the door of mercy, and the minaret of Sulaymaniyah and Majidiyah on the north side, and two minarets were built in the eastern and the western corner of the north side, and the height of each of them 72 meters, bringing the four minarets of a mosque in the four corners.
Because of the proliferation of the number of pilgrims, King Faisal bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud issued by creating places for prayer west of the mosque, demolishing existing buildings in that direction was the establishment of a shaded chapel, an area of ​​about 35,000 square meters, of which 80 umbrella. The work was done in 1873, and remained to be removed in Saudi expansion II.
Saudi expansion II
In the month of Muharram 1406 H, corresponding to 1985, began working the largest expansion of the Prophet’s Mosque by order of King Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, it has been completed in 1414 AH, corresponding to 1994, which included the expansion of the eastern and the western and northern sides of the mosque, with the addition of 82,000 square meters square accommodate about 150,000 worshipers, and so the area became the College of the mosque 98 326 square meters accommodating 178,000 worshipers, and add the surface of 67,000 square meters, including 58,250 square meters ready for prayer which can accommodate 90,000 worshipers, bringing the total to ripe area for prayer 156,576 square meters accommodating 268,000 worshipers. In addition, the squares surrounding the mosque area of ​​135,000 square meters, including 135,000 square meters ripe for prayers accommodate 430,000 worshipers, and so worshipers total rises to more than 698,000 worshipers.
Columns and porticos were designed on the first Saudi expansion format, and covered the external walls of granite, was added six new minarets consistent with minarets in the first Saudi expansion, and expansion of the building provided a number of advanced systems, including cameras systems, systems and permanent backup electrical power systems, and fire extinguishers, and sewerage systems.
These systems and new facilities included several directions:
Ground floor-women-chapel doors of the mosque-domes-moving surface of the expansion-minarets-wall-decoration-yards mosque-round bottom-parking-buildings of public services-umbrellas in the courtyard of the mosque South-cabin
Third Expansion
By order of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, may God have mercy on him, and in the month of August 2010 was the completion of the project umbrellas yards Mosque of the Prophet, an electric awnings on the grounds of the mosque of Prophet columns on all four sides, an area of ​​143 thousand square meters, in order to protect worshipers from the rain and the heat of the sun during the prayer. The project involved the manufacture and installation of 182 umbrella yards Prophet’s Mosque columns, in addition to the 68 umbrella in East squares, for a total umbrellas 250 umbrella, at a cost of 4.7 billion Saudi riyals, and designed new umbrellas specifically for the Prophet’s Mosque, so all the umbrella of about 800 worshipers remain, a Bartvain different, so the one above the other, in groups, to be overlapping with each other, and a single high 14.40 meters, 15.30 meters and the other, even with all the high umbrellas in case of closure, up 21.70 meters. In June of 2012, is King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, may God have mercy on him to start the implementation of the largest expansion of the Prophet’s Mosque in Medina under the name «King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, a project to expand the Holy Mosque», and in three phases, the first phase of which can seat more than 800 a vaccine, will also be in the second and third phases of the expansion of the eastern and western fronts of the campus, to accommodate 800 thousand additional vaccine were to start this project after the Hajj season of 2012, and the number is expected to remove the real estate for the benefit of the project 100 properties spread over the eastern and western sides, and total compensation for an area of ​​about 12.5 hectares, about 25 billion riyals, and in accordance with the project plans will be improvements to public squares and social arena around the mosque.

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