Hajj services in the Saudi Prince


Turned pilgrimages in Saudi prosperous era trips to “comfort and peace,” after it was dangerous and arduous pilgrimages to the people who come to the holy sites.
Haj was based on the same in both services without the help of one of a lack of resources in all areas at the time, Valhaj was forced to set up his tent by himself, prepare his food, too, and bring water, firewood and other needs hard self by the pilgrims themselves.
As well as the suffering of access to feelings and move between them was the porter and donkeys are a way of movement, until the morning light defused with the Saudi crown prosperous, as the Kingdom ridiculed efforts since its founding by Unified King Abdulaziz, may God rest his soul to serve the pilgrims.
And made the kingdom Mafi effort to improve various services aimed at the service of pilgrims, was one of the most important things at the time to maintain the security of pilgrims, and to provide possible health services at the time, King Abdulaziz has cared to track health conditions for pilgrims and lose their condition since the first year of pilgrimage under sponsorship, which was allocated to that seat and a doctor to inspect especially the poor, the sick, and instructed his deputy in the Hejaz in 1344 AH including text (you proclaim all the chieftains Muttawifs that they have to warn all Muttawifs which becomes him sick of Moslem pilgrims need to tell Dr. Khairy Basahah even attend the preview the disclosure about his health, the patient was poor and the case should be transferred to the health took him and conducted Mbacherth, albeit a soft spot and survival must be in place where the remains and Aaudh doctor necessary) times.
King Abdulaziz God’s mercy was also keen on improving the services provided for the Hajj and pilgrims ordered in the year 1347 AH founded a school to teach Muttawifs and their deputies, where they receive lessons in the science of monotheism, worship, and the rituals and performance, according to Him advances scientists and the four imams.
As they learn what must Muttawifs for the pilgrims from the hospitality and facilitate amenities.
As the attention of King Abdulaziz, may God rest his soul Cancel government fees that were taken on the pilgrims coming from abroad, match some of the services that provide them (known as Hajj fees), where the government has waived her right to that and for wages Muttawifs Vtturk between them and the pilgrims, as It ordered the creation of a special body to take care of Ain Zubaida water and increase the resources of water, and the preservation of those waters through the renewal of normalcy, as ordered in 1370 his search for the other eye to support her.
It was eye opening Azizia, which was a tributary of the best stretch of pilgrims and residents of Mecca freshwater since Shawwal 1371 AH, it has also been working to harness a lot of services to the pilgrims by the possibilities available at the time.

Comes the affairs of Hajj care and care for the pilgrims at the top of the concerns of the state where the paid areas of services, programs and projects related to the provision and development of pilgrimage facilities special care and great attention the text of the Basic Law in the UK on the state’s commitment to the responsibility of the Two Holy Mosques, service and care for the pilgrims and the reconstruction of the Two Holy Mosques, and provide security and care for Qasidihma what can perform Hajj and Umrah and visit more easily.

The patronage of Islamic sanctities and service Qasidiha initial basic and distinctive in the upper state policy since it was founded by King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud – may Allah have mercy on him – where he paid this aspect care and attention to others in terms of the privacy of the place considerations that made God Almighty this country, cradle of the revelation and a platform for message Islamic home to his house, the old mosque and his Messenger, the best prayer and delivery.

King Abdulaziz and the organization of the pilgrimage

Since God the King Abdul-Aziz to take over power in the Holy Land was the attention focused on the organization of the pilgrimage and the provision of health climate for pilgrims and purify the security environment and to facilitate ways to ensure that they perform the Hajj in the comfort and security and contentment as the development and economic projects and planning for the betterment of the services provided to the pilgrims going on It has not stopped and considered this approach received from the Municipality came after him at the helm.

Iqaamah for numerous projects in the roads and transport, health, urbanization and large-scale projects carried out during the reign of Kings: Saud al-Faisal and Khaled, Fahd and Abdullah God’s mercy on us all.
Complete the process of good and thrive

And marched on their way Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince Secretary to complement the way of the good work of the expansion of mosques Mosques and the holy sites and the initial – Hfezmha God – the bulk of his interest in the movement and urban construction and energy Alasiaabih to cope with the increasing numbers of pilgrims and had a network of internal roads, bridges and tunnels and organize the largest share in the implementation and support of Fleet Care air transport, which carries pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia and within projects and took the holy sites front-share of attention, particularly the project to develop the project and then Mona fireproof tents.

And God save them, officials keen on closer ties and humanitarian ties between them and al-Hajj, and it is served in understanding routinely ensure their comfort and lose their condition.

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