Hamoud bin Abdul Aziz

Prince Hamoud bin Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud (1368 / 1947-15 Ramadan 1414 AH / February 26, 1994), the thirty-sixth son of the sons of King Abdul Aziz males.

(His life)
He holds a bachelor’s degree in history from King Saud University. And known for his love of learning and learn cultural and discussions, as he loves poetry and literature, and his hobbies, fishing and travel reading. He was interested in new technology, as it seeks to bring every conversation and provide the government work with modern equipment device. He was a successful businessman has been known that it is the wealthy Arab ruler, a government post.

(His death)
He died on 15 Ramadan 1414 AH corresponding to February 26, 1994 after the Maghrib prayers at his palace in Riyadh neighborhood tattoo after cardiac arrest, and he prayed in the mosque of Imam Turki bin Abdullah in Riyadh and was buried in Oud cemetery.


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