Khaled bin Abdul Aziz

Khalid Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (6 March 1331 e / 13 February 1913-21 Shaaban 1402 / June 13, 1982), the King of Saudi Arabia from March 25, 1975 – June 13 1982 is the fifth son of the sons of King Abdul Aziz,

He grew up under the care of his father during setup to include other areas of the state, keeping the Koran and religious sciences received at the hands of scientists, trained equestrian and shooting. Not looking forward to any position, and actuation politics after the death of King Abdul Aziz. Named after the annexation of the Hijaz to Deputy Emir Faisal in Hijaz state and that the year 1926. In 1962 he was appointed deputy prime minister, the first received by the position since the death of his father. After the accession of King Faisal rule, a concession to him his brother’s half-brother, Prince Mohammed for the post of crown prince as the King Faisal had sent a letter to Prince Mohammed being the first candidate for the post, but the Prince Mohammed response letter in which he apologized for the post and nominated him, King Faisal individual letter informing him of the approval on his candidacy for the crown prince. He then called Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz to the meeting of all the Al Saud family day held 27 November 1384 H corresponding to March 29, 1965 in order to tell them choice and the crown prince.

On 03/13/1395 H corresponding to 03/25/1975 AD on the death of King Faisal – may God have mercy on him – met the royal family a decent no one is missing, led by Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz, the eldest son of King Abdulaziz older, and Bayaoa Crown rightful Prince Khaled bin Abdulaziz King of Saudi Arabia, and King Khalid said Prince Fahd and crown nomination of the era, and the whole family on it, and had acknowledged his, and then gathered in the Saudi nation of princes, scholars, sheikhs, ministers, dignitaries and all the people, and pledged allegiance King Khalid king also pledged allegiance Prince Fahd and crown Prince .

And it became Prince Fahd First Vice Prime Minister and Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz became the head of the National Guard Second Deputy Prime Minister, and became Prince Naif bin Abdulaziz, the interior minister, was by the deputy interior minister, and became Prince Ahmed bin Abdul Aziz, the deputy interior minister rank of minister, and became Prince Saud al-Faisal, minister of Foreign Affairs

The internal politics of the kingdom during his reign substrates through the following points:

1 – to emphasize that the Islamic Sharia is the ruling on all the affairs of the kingdom

2. emphasize the State’s keenness to raise the standard of living.

3. Since it does not must be a sword with a pen

4. emphasis on development projects that achieve the security and welfare of the citizens

The foundations of the foreign policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and so all through several axes:

1 – confirmation of the constants of the Kingdom with the support of world peace

2 – Support for Islamic solidarity

3 – Support for Arab unity

4 – emphasis on the position of the Kingdom of the question of Palestine

5 – emphasis on the continuation of the kingdom in the petroleum policy

On Sunday morning, 21 Shaaban 1402 H, corresponding to June 13, 1982, died in Taif.


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