Saad bin Abdul Aziz

His Royal Highness Prince Saad Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud (1333 AH / 1915-7 Rajab 1414 AH / December 21, 1993), the former head of the Saudi royal family council. It is the seventh of the sons of King Abdul Aziz, son.
He grew up under the care of his father, King Abdul-Aziz, and sent him in 1337 to his uncle, Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman and he has to learn to read and write, equestrian and save the Koran. He returned to his father in 1342 AH and saw him changed a lot in terms of literature and science decided to resubmit Prince Mohammed for his uncle in order to learn the war, and remained with him three years to be learned in the year 1345 AH, participated for the first time in the war in the battle of sabilla that occurred in the year 1347 AH corresponding to 1929, and was injured during this battle twice severe injury forced Prince Mohammed uncle who was in the battle of the progress in central battlefield and carried to the outside, where he transferred to Taif to be treated, and remained months under treatment and twice a knee injury gunshot wound, and then returned the mother sent Prince Mohammed to train more on the war, and did not stop until 1350, when his father decided his appointment as deputy commander of the battle of Jizan, which ended in victory and unification of the Kingdom in 1351.
In 1360 he took the Emirate of Asir region, and the region has seen in his reign and private capital Abha upswing integrated, where wells were dug and excavated, cleaned and commercial building markets, as the region at the end of his reign saw the construction of dams in places allocated to them. The region has also seen a development in air defense with the help of Prince Mansour bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, who sent a civilian aircraft in the fifties and the military in the forties. Under a prince them until the year 1379 AH, corresponding to 1960.
After leaving the Emirate of Asir region has been appointed deputy interior minister for security affairs, and in the year 1379 AH, corresponding to 1960, continued to take its responsibility to the year 1408 AH, corresponding to the year 1987. In 1409, took over the presidency of the Saudi royal family council, and has been chaired by his death the year 1414 e.

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