Saud bin Abdul Aziz


His Majesty the King Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud (5 Shawwal 1319 AH / 15 January 1902-6 Dhu al-Hijjah 1388 AH / February 23, 1969), the King of Saudi Arabia from November 9, 1953 to November 2, 1964. is the second son of the king’s sons Abdul Aziz Al-Saud males. Born in the same year in which his father, King Abdul-Aziz Al Saud recaptured from Al-Rashid.
About his life

Born in Kuwait and during the establishment of his father there and in the night before the opening of his father to Riyadh. After opening Riyadh left his mother and her children to Riyadh. He was attending with his brother Prince Turki councils and boards of his father and grandfather Abdul Rahman Al Saud, who was Aoulihma care. After Feb began to earn his father’s confidence through the exercise of some of the military, political and administrative tasks in an independent capacity, as delegated to him tasks that earn foreign statesmanship after being schooled in the diplomatic and political science at the hands of Abdullah Damluji Sheikh Hafez Wahba, two of the tiles and father columns during that period . When was the thirteenth of age-old and his father Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman sent to Qatar to meet the new ruler Sheikh Abdullah bin Qassim Al Thani, to the liquidation of thoughts and descaling the relationship between them as the latter was not seen favorably to the takeover of Abdul Aziz Al-Ahsa, and was this mission is the first diplomat, is doing the work. Participated in the wars of his father, was a battle pod that occurred in 1915 is the first battle involving, also participated in the Battle of Aatab and other battles.
He took power after the death of his father, King Abdul-Aziz on 2 March 1373 H, corresponding to November 9, 1953, and the failures of the property on 4 March 1373 H, corresponding to November 11, 1953.
In Education: The attention is directed first and foremost at promoting education in all fields, where in 1373 his establishment of the Ministry of Education and taken up by his brother Prince Fahd, also founded schools in various towns and villages and brought her teachers from abroad, and opened the first university in the Arabian Peninsula, a University King Saud in Riyadh and in the year 1377 AH, corresponding to 1957, for the right opening of the Institute of public administration administrative organization year 1380 AH, corresponding to 1960, and then the Islamic University in Medina, established in 1381 AH, corresponding to 1961, also ordered the establishment of Petroleum and minerals College in Dhahran that opened on 8 Shawwal 1384 AH, as well as the secondary teacher training colleges. Also interested in the education of girls, where they were thinking that includes the education of girls like boys, featured objections from some segments of society on the idea of ​​girls’ education from the ground up, while others called for the permissibility of their education, but it should not be, the Ministry of Knowledge this task, even if established their own schools, and in the finally it decides to have the opportunity for girls education, and opened schools for girls in the year 1380 AH, corresponding to 1960.
In the social sphere: On the other hand, in 1961 the establishment of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and entrusted with the tasks of providing care for the elderly and the disabled, widows and divorcees, and issued a year later in 1962 the social security system.
In the field of transportation: areas covenant linked by a network of roads, is also interested in ways that serve the agricultural villages and farms. As it has been the development of airports in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dhahran, Taif, Tabuk, Hail and Qassim. In 1381 H, corresponding to 1961 King Abdul Aziz Port in Dammam was opened.
In the military sphere: care of the armed forces and developed, was sent missions to train and study abroad, has also in March 1955 established the King Abdul Aziz War College.
In the health field: the establishment of a number of hospitals in different regions, also interested in the fight against malaria.
In the field of agriculture: in 1382 he founded his Agricultural Bank, to provide soft loans to farmers without rollover, and exempts agricultural equipment from customs duties, and ordered the establishment of dams on the valleys to book rainwater in Jazan and Abha.
In the Islamic sphere: After 11 days of taking office he laid the foundation stone for the expansion of the Prophet’s Mosque in a ceremony attended by a large number of representatives of Arab and Islamic countries, and multitudes of citizens. Two years later, he laid the foundation stone for the expansion of the Grand Mosque in Mecca was interested Bamarth, where he founded a supreme body to oversee the expansion of the mosque, headed by Crown Prince and Prime Minister Prince Faisal bin Abdul Aziz. As the adoption of the final map for the project Altusah.otosa in establishing legitimacy institutes and schools teaching the Koran.
The end of his reign

King Saud disease in later life, he was forced to travel abroad for treatment. Governor of the country has remained so to swear allegiance to his brother Faisal king of the country on 27 Jumada II 1384 H corresponding to November 2, 1964.
His death

On February 23, 1969 AH corresponding to 1388, he died in Athens, Greece, and his body was transferred to Mecca, where he prayed at the Grand Mosque and then buried in the Al Oud cemetery in Riyadh


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