Abdulmohsn Bin Abdulaziz


Prince Abdul Mohsen Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (1344 AH / 1925-1405 AH / 1985), former Emir of Madinah. Is the thirteenth son of sons of King Abdul Aziz male of his wife, Princess Jawhara girl Saad al-Sudairi. It was one of the outstanding poets in Saudi Arabia, and a lover of literature, poetry and historical books.

He studied at the School of the princes, and save the Koran and learn horsemanship, and then completed his knowledge of history, politics and war, and completed his studies in 1367 AH.
3 Rajab 1380 AH corresponding to December 22, 1960 was appointed Prime Minister Prince Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, Minister of Interior and in the reign of King Saud, and remained in the ministry to 1 Rabi 1381 AH, corresponding to September 12, 1961.
In 1385 H, corresponding to 1965, was appointed governor of Medina, and has Amartha during his many accomplishments, including the open television station in 1387, he built the highways will help to reach the Prophet’s Mosque.
He died the year 1405 AH, corresponding to 1985 at the King Faisal Hospital, who has been doing after suffering terminally ill have it under three years.

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