Mohamed bin Abdulaziz

His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud (1328 AH / 1910-16 Rabi 1409 / November 26, 1988), President of the Saudi royal family of the former. It is the fourth son of the sons of King Abdul Aziz males.
Born in Riyadh, he studied at the School of princes, where he learned reading, writing, history, politics and save the Koran.
Fight with his father, King Abdul-Aziz in the «Battle of Asir» and was then aged twelve, also he helped his father siege of Jeddah.
In 1343 H, corresponding to 1924, his father sent him to Qunfudah and Medina and was able to opening them up, set it King Abdul Aziz, Emir of the region Medina was 15 years old.
In 1347 AH fought in battle of sabilla,
In 1351 Fight «Battle Jazan» that led to the unification of Saudi Arabia,
And in 1934 he fought in the Saudi-Yemeni War.
He was nominated by King Faisal, the crown prince but he apologized for that, and suggested that the King Khalid nominated for this position, King Faisal ago that.
Under Emir of Madinah region for a long time, and while he took responsibility for the emirate has done a lot of business, including:
The expansion of the Prophet’s Mosque and the work of repairs such as adding a drawer and put umbrellas.
The opening of government hospitals and pharmacies, dispensaries, schools, government, and electricity were introduced in Medina for the first time in 1353 AH.
The opening of a factory in the water in 1358 AH, and was followed in 1359 inaugurated his ice factory, and in 1361 around the water plant to the water desalination plant in order to desalinate water from the Red Sea and make the plant site in Yanbu.
Linking Medina Road, it has also been the opening of Madinah Civil Airport, and the city was linked to all the cities of Saudi Arabia by air.
The opening of a large number of factories, including maintenance and electricity plant.
In 1381 AH, corresponding to the 1961 Islamic University opened.
Emirate has left the area of ​​Medina in 1385 AH, corresponding to 1965, where he retired from work as a waiver of the crown prince to his brother, half-brother Prince Khaldbad be summoned by his brother, King Faisal to introduce the position of being the only candidate for him.
He assumed period in 1395 until his death the year 1409, the Presidency of the Council of the royal family.
He died on Friday, 16 Rabi 1409H corresponding to November 26, 1988.

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