Mansour bin Abdul Aziz


Prince Mansour bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud (1336 AH / 1918-1369 AH / May 2, 1951), Minister of Defense and Aviation in Saudi Arabia earlier. It is the eighth son of the sons of King Abdul Aziz males.
He studied at the School of princes and learn reading, writing and memorizing the Quran. In 1351 he participated with his father in «battle Jizan». Appointed by his father, King Abdul Aziz, minister of defense and the military, and during his ministry tasks drew up development plans for the army sector, she founded the military barracks in Najd and Hijaz, Asir and was sent many military personnel abroad to study, training and bring in modern machines of the army, has also increased the number of participants in the Saudi army very quickly where two years later it became the estimated number of army soldiers B20000, set up a system of bonuses and salaries in all military sectors, with the participation of state finances. During taking office some army units participated in the Palestine war in 1948.
In the year 1369 AH, corresponding to 1951, he traveled with his brothers Faisal and Khaled to Paris, and after the plane landed in the parlor and died a sudden death.

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