Nasser Bin Abdulaziz


Prince Nasser bin Abdulaziz (1331 AH / 1913-19 Dhu al-Hijjah 1404 AH / September 15, 1984), the former Emir of Riyadh region. It is the sixth son of the sons of King Abdul Aziz
He received the first school sciences own palace, and learn the Koran and Hadith, reading, writing and mastered equestrian.
In 1342 his first war fought with his father, and participated in the Battle of Jeddah and was 12 years old, also fought in the battle of sabilla,
Following the unification of the Kingdom in 1351 was chosen to be the deputy head of the border problems between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.
After the Saudi-Yemeni War returned to Riyadh and named the year 1356 AH, corresponding to 1937, governor of Riyadh province, he is responsible for the emirate remained until 7 Rajab 1366 AH corresponding to 28 May 1947.
In 1370 his appointed deputy Petroleum Directorate, and in 1375 was appointed director of the King Saud Petroleum Directorate, and during his tenure the responsibility of the Directorate ordered to cut off oil from the United Kingdom, France, following the tripartite aggression against Egypt.
In 1379, he appointed governor of Najran, and continued to take over the affairs of the emirate until 1400 when he retired.

He died on September 15, 1984 at the age of 71 years.


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