Hathloul bin Abdul Aziz


Prince hathloul bin Abdul Aziz Al-Saud (1361 AH / 1942-13 November 1433 AH / September 29, 2012), the former head of Saudi Arabia’s Al Hilal. It is the thirty-second son of the sons of King Abdul Aziz males. He took over Al Hilal Saudi Club for more than a period, the first of the year 1392 Hijra until the year 1398, and the second from 1402 until 1403, took over the presidency until his death body honorary members of the club.

Over the long suffering of the disease and received treatment at the Prince Sultan Medical City in Riyadh. At September 29, 2012, he died at a hospital in Switzerland died of illness. His funeral was held on September 30, 2012 at the Grand Mosque in Mecca.


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