Abdullah bin Abdulaziz

Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz bin Abdul Rahman bin Faisal (1343 AH / 1924-3 second spring 1436 e / January 23, 2015 m), the sixth king of the Kingdom and nicknamed the Two Holy Mosques, is the twelfth son of the sons of King Abdul Aziz, male, born in Riyadh, after the death of King Fahd on August 1, 2005 came to power, and in addition to being the property of the state has been chairman of the Council of Ministers, on the other hand, has been classified by Forbes magazine in 2011’s sixth most powerful figures influential in the world.
Upbringing and education
Grew up in the confines of his father, King Abdul-Aziz, and benefited from his school and his experiences in the areas of governance, politics, administration and leadership. He was educated at the hands of a number of teachers, scientists, and was educated at the way the book and the lessons of scientists, workshops and other mosques. It has extensive readings in various fields of knowledge, culture and civilization.
Positions Held
11 Ramadan 1382 AH corresponding to February 5, 1963, King Saud issued a royal decree eliminates appointed head of the National Guard, which remained vested until 11 Dhu al-Hijjah 1431 AH, corresponding to November 17, 2010. In the year 1395 approval of 1975 was appointed second deputy prime minister and head of the National Guard and that with the accession of King Khaled rule. On 21 Shaaban 1402 H, corresponding to June 13, 1982 Apparent Prince Fahd king who issued the same day a royal appointment as First Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the National Guard in addition to being the crown prince.
On Monday, 26 Jumada II 1426 corresponding to August 1, 2005 Apparent king, and the failures of his brother Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and Crown Prince.
• approve the accession of Saudi Arabia to the World Trade Organization in 2005.
• the announcement of huge economic projects including King Abdullah Economic City and Prince Abdul Aziz bin Assistant City knowledge and Jazan Economic City and the center of the King Abdullah Financial.
• expansion of educational scholarship programs abroad and increase the salaries of students on scholarships abroad by 50%.
• Planning for the establishment of economic cities in each of the Rabigh, Hail, Madinah and Jizan and Tabuk.
• the establishment of new universities in Madinah and Tabuk, Hail, Jizan and Taif, Qassim and Al-Jouf and Arar, Baha and Najran.
• Palestinian leaders from Fatah and Hamas invitation to a conference in Mecca for the resolution of problems, including the establishment of a unity government and a Palestinian national.
• Signs Agreement for reconciliation between the warring Somali factions under his auspices.
• Fulfillment of the expansion of the holy feelings in Mina, Muzdalifah and Arafat.
• foundation stone of the giant projects put in Jeddah and Mecca outweigh the cost of 600 billion riyals under the name «toward the first world».
• Creation of «King Abdullah Children’s Hospital» to be a global center for diseases of children, especially children Siamese.
• foundation stone of the University of Princess Nora girl Abdul Rahman and put it on Wednesday, 29 October 1429 / October 29, 2008, the first university in Saudi Arabia are specific integrated girls.
• opening of interfaith dialogue in the third phase of the Conference, which was held under his auspices in the date of November 12, 2008, during the United Nations General Assembly at its 63rd in New York.
• commands the Ministry of Finance to issue contracts with international companies specialized in the construction of ships for the construction of two ships Fast Passenger Ferries and vehicles between the ports of Jazan and Farasan Island.
• Announcing the Arab Economic Summit held in Kuwait Conference on January 19, 2009 for the people of Saudi Arabia donated 1,000 million dollars for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and to compensate her family all Malhakhm destruction and displacement, and stressed that Palestinian blood is more precious than the treasures of the earth.
• the opening of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology on September 23, 2009.
• Create projects to facilitate the pilgrimage such as the new bridge, and the Haramain High Speed ​​Train link between Medina and Mecca, the holy sites and train linking Mecca and Mina and Mount Arafat and Muzdalifah.
• issue a decree for the establishment of the city of Atomic and Renewable Energy, and to provide alternative sources of electricity generation and the production of desalinated water, and the decree was established has called by King Abdullah Atomic and Renewable Energy City.
• the opening of King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz for watering Zamzam Bkda project.
• Create «Global Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Foundation for Charity and Humanitarian Works.»
• the allocation of $ 250 billion Saudi riyals to build 500,000 housing units in all regions of the Kingdom.
• foundation stone for the largest expansion in the history of the development of the Grand Mosque in terms of size, cost and a cost of 80 billion cost of the project
• it to begin expansion in the Prophet’s Mosque from the eastern side.
• Resolution women’s entry as a member of the Shura Council and run and run for municipal councils.
• instructed the implementation of expansion project up Haram in Mecca and the sponsor to increase the capacity of 50 thousand visitation mph to 130 thousand per hour visitation.
• Create five medical cities in all sectors of the state.
• command creates the city promised the industrial north to mining investment in Arar.
• approval of the railway expansion to include the northern sector and the adoption of the southern sector within the next development plan.
• expanded the Prophet’s Mosque to reach the absorption capacity of more than 1.6 million worshipers.
• ordered the establishment of 11 stadium seating in various regions of the Kingdom.
• the face of the Ministry of Social Affairs to assume the costs of people with special needs when their review of the civil rehabilitation centers.
He has won numerous accolades and most important:
• Gold Medal, the highest honor granted by UNESCO in recognition of his efforts in promoting a culture of dialogue and peace.
• In 2014, he won the medal of excellence for the most influential figures in the world from the list of kings and presidents and senior politicians, during the vote, which was inaugurated by the International Council for Human Rights and Arbitration for Political and Strategic Studies

Royal Court announced that King Abdullah’s death in January 23, 2015.

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