Fawwaz bin Abdul Aziz

Fawaz bin Abdul Aziz

Prince Fawaz bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (1934-22 Jul 2008), former Governor of Makkah Region.

It is the twenty-fourth son of the sons of King Abdul Aziz males. The only brother is Prince Bandar bin Abdul Aziz.

Born in Taif, and received the first School of Sciences princes palace with his nephews, King Saud.

7 Rajab 1380 AH corresponding to December 26 1960 was appointed governor of Riyadh province during the reign of King Saud, and remained in this position until 7 Safar 1381 AH, corresponding to July 20, 1961.

In 1389 he became Deputy Governor of Makkah Region,

In 1390 he was appointed governor of Mecca during the reign of King Faisal. The Amartha remained until his resignation, which was in the year 1400 AH, corresponding to 1980

He was not immediately resign any official position and emptied of its own operate.

He got a scarf, King Abdul Aziz, the first layer.

He won many medals merit of the Arab, Muslim and European countries.

Navigate to the mercy of God outside the Kingdom on Tuesday, 19/7/1429 H corresponding to 22/07/2008 AD at the age of 74 years after the disease suffered, and peace be upon the Holy Mosque in Mecca.

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